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After years of using 2 or 3 references books to manage collections, a wonderful development took place during the last few years. A group of dedicated collectors spent countless hours compiling a can composite and then for a year traveled all over the US to visit collections and shows, photographing cans. Finally, during 2000, the United States Beer Can book was published. It has enhanced my collecting, making it easier to identify cans and catalog them. Invariably when a reference book like the USBC book is compiled, some items are missed. Despite efforts of numerous collectors, including myself, verifying data, cans were omitted. Below are pictures of cans which are not pictured in the book. Some are common cans that were just missed and others are variations that were overlooked. In the case of some set cans, deliberate omission was made for consideration of space. Criteria for a variation can to be included, dealt mainly with differences on the face of the can. Most major opening instruction differences were included. My intent here, is to provide a continuing resource for those missed cans as well as the location of those cans, if and when a follow-up edition is prepared. If you have cans in your collection that are not in the book and you would like to see them added to this reference, please contact me.

Cone tops

Check out Glenn Raisner's comprehensive series of articles covering cans that are not in the USBC book.


                        Eagle differences                                  Text in lower gold band

Text in gold band with quotation marks

There are some A-1 variations that were missed in the book. First, the can on the right with the more detailed eagle is a fairly major omission. The can on the left with the less detailed eagle comes in 4 variations. Along the gold band at the bottom of the can appears the following slogans:

“One of America’s…..”

One of America’s…..             (no quotations)

“The Western Way….”

The Western Way….                (no quotations)

  All these variations were pointed out to me by Rod Wideman who used to live in Arizona and specialized in those cans.

Gold colored ABC can.

Here is a common Atlas Prager can from Chicago. The picture in the book has Chicago and Illinois on two lines. This can has Chicago ILL on one line.

Weiss Bavarian Pilsner is another common can that went overlooked. This one has the Weiss name and "flavor" below "BAVARIAN".


Bohemian Club can is like 40-31 but is from Brewing Company, Great Falls, Montana.

Bub's soft top can. This came from a find of one case of full soft tops cans from a bar in Montana.

Budweiser Lager Beer from Newark with 9 cities. Like 44-38 except 12 oz.

Budweiser Lager Beer Aluminum can with a soft top is like 42-32 but from Jacksonville with 7 cities.

Bull Dog Extra Malt Liquor is like 45-25 but has blue stars above "EXTRA".


Brewer's Best cans. The one on the left has green writing at the bottom and the one on the right has black writing on the bottom. I know this is picky but these cans a similar to 41-40 and 42-1 except the little copyright symbol is above the "g" in "brewing" instead of beside it.


Champagne Velvet is like 49-1 but is a one face can.

Coors with no "Banquet" is like 51-26 but "Coors" is in black. One face can.

Second Coors can is like 51-20 but is non-tax.

Country Club Malt Lager with Goetz in oval and "Aged 3 times longer" on side.

Country Club Stout Malt Liquor with blank oval and 2 face can.

Goetz Country Club Malt Lager with "Extra" in ovals, "90 years" in text.

Goetz Country Club Malt Lager with "Extra" in ovals, "97 years" in text.

The book shows the fronts of the Country Clubs with "GOETZ" on the blue oval but does not describe the sides. All 3 cans - Malt Lager, Malt Liquor and Stout Malt Liquor come with side panels of "100 Years", "Over 100 Years" and "Aged 3 Times Longer".

Drewery's Old Stock Ale is like 55-26 but has no writing on the white oval. IRTP is visible at top right.

Drewerys Set with the oval front was omitted. There are 6 colored cans in this set with white sports figures on the back. The set also comes with silver sports figures. The can backs with the sports figures are actually shown in the book but the can front is mistakenly identified as the Drewerys with the white shield. There exists a color set of those cans (white shield) also but they have a double set of sports figures on either side on the can seam. The oval set is from Chicago and South Bend.

Embassy Club from Best Brewing, Chicago is like 59-31 but this is a non-tax can.

Fox Deluxe is like 65/21 but at bottom it says "BREWED IN GREATER MILWAUKEE..."

Fox De Luxe Like 62/25 but from Fox Head Brewing

Frankenmuth MelODry is like 66/32 but has no writing along bottom of oval.








Gibbons is like 69/28 "PREMIUM" and "BEER" are in silver.

Goebel with the rooster is like 71/8 but says "PRIVATE STOCK 22" instead of "BEER" in lower part of blue oval.

Goebel Private Stock 22 is like 70/40 bottom right face lists breweries at Detriot & Muskegon, Mich.


Golden Brew, Grace Bros, Santa Rosa. First can above is enamel and the second is metallic. I can not tell what can 72/27 is in the book but only one is shown.

Grand Union from Norfolk VA

There are too many Guinness cans in the USBC and here is one that didn't make it. 

This Hamm's Beer is Patent Pending.

Hampden is like 79/39 but this can appears white instead of yellow. There is the possibility that this is a faded can but it appears to be evenly faded all around. Does anyone else have a white can?

Heidelberg Beer like 81/16 but from Carling, Tacoma.

Heileman's Old Style like 108/16 but has white shield next to the house.

Heileman's Special Export like 81/23 but"Heileman's instead of Old Style Lager"

Hudepohl is like 84/15 but this can is enamel.


Kol from New York, NY

This Krueger's Cream Ale baldie is enamel with IRTP.

Krueger's Finest Beer baldie is metallic without "Same as Bottle".

Krueger Beer like 90/33 but this one has silver trim.

Krueger Extra Light Cream Ale is like 89/35 but "ALE" is in black.

A-1 Lancers by Arizona Brewing in Phoenix.

This Lassen has blue sky.

Lucky Beer like 92/30 but without "12 OZ" on face.

Lucky Lager. I can't tell where this is from but it differs from cans in the book because the "Age Dated" seals appear on all four corners of the label, on both sides on the can.

Metz from Metz Brewing, Pueblo, CO.

Meister Brau Bock is like 99/8 but from Peter Hand, Chicago

Miller can says "The Champagne of Beer"

Muhlheim Draft Beer is one of those transition flat tops.






Narragansett Lager with the gold filled circle at the top was missing. This can comes at least 2 ways, with different products listed on the side.






National Bohemian is like 102/6 but this is a 2 face can. Can 102/6 is listed as a one face can. Does this can come one face or is that a typo?

Old Bohemian Bock is like 104/29 but there is no silver writing at the bottom. Eastern Brewing, Hammonton.

Old Bohemian Light is like 104/13 but is from Eastern Brewing Hammonton.








There is an enamel and a metallic Old German from Colonial, Hammonton. Only one is listed in the book as 106/35.

Old Tankard Ale is like 109/38 but has TapaCan in top right, Premier-Pabst, Peoria Heights.

Olympia like 109/7 but no "Founded 1896".

Ox Head is like 109/24 but if you look real close at that rusty patch circled above, you can see that this says  "Cans". I assume that this is the end word for "In Keglined Cans" but I don't know for certain. Anybody know?



Pabst Export is from Premier-Pabst, Peoria Heights

Pabst Blue Ribbon is from from Newark

Pabst like 111/10 but from Newark.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Bock is from Peoria Heights

This Pearl does not have the sunburst lines emanating from the red circle.

Piels is like 115/22 Piels Bros, Brooklyn but this can is metallic.

Rainier Jubilees: Most of the USBC book omissions were unintentional. Not including the Rainier set was a deliberate omission. The creators of the USBC book have taken more heat for omitting the Jubilees more than any other can. These are some of my favorite cans because of the great graphics. Although hard to see because they are silver outlines on metallic cans, they have some neat detail and scenes. Here are some of the cans:



Regal Pale one face can


The first Schlitz can has the little "R" in a circle bottom right of the white area. It is a non tax can from Milwaukee.

The second Schlitz is also non-tax from Milwaukee and does not have the little "R".

The third Schlitz is a 10oz can with no top or bottom bands, from Milwaukee, listing 8 breweries.


Schlitz like 129/29 but 1954.

Schlitz like 129/37 but 1962.


Red Top Beer from Red Top Brewing, South Bend has "BEER" in Black.

Regal Select by Maier, Los Angeles is an enamel can.

Two Sterling Beers. This is the 136/37 can, the first is metallic and the second is enamel.

This is the stamped out version of Stolz Beer. The gray stripe has stamped out the International Breweries , Tampa, FL info, and on the other side is International , Buffalo NY.

Tropical Ale from International Breweries, Covington.

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