When Fontana Dam was built in the early 1940's, thousands of families were displaced. Most of the families lived in the former town of Proctor, on the lower end of Hazel Creek. The lake created by the dam cut off access to the town. When the government took possession of the town, all building were burned except the Calhoun House and the brick buildings which were part of the logging operation in town. The Calhoun House was maintained for awhile but is now looking rather run down. The building associated with the logging operation are overgrown and are just ruins now. Other than that, you can see few signs of the former town, some foundations, a chimney, a few scattered beds, toilets and other debris. Two maintained cemeteries still exist.

To get to Proctor by land requires a day (or longer) walk along the Lakeside Trail in either direction. It can be reached by boat in minutes. You can hire a boat at the Fontana Marina for $50 which included passage over and pick up at a later time, for 2.

Backcountry campsite 86 is in the former ball field for the Proctor School. It is grown up in large white pines now and offers about 8 or 9 campsites. The old highway still exists as a well maintained gravel road which crosses Hazel Creek several times. At this time (June 2003) the North Proctor bridge is badly damaged.


The old kiln in different seasons

The North Proctor Bridge has seen better days.

I think this is the pump house for the logging lagoon.

Calhoun House

Hazel Creek

Keeping the Coyotes away

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