Roo Roo Investigation Continues

The Blue Gray Show was the perfect setting for interviewing suspects in the ROO ROO case. Virtually every suspect was present. To recap this story; everyone remembers the article which appears several issues ago in RUSTLINGS about the three R boys - Romine-Raisner-Rhodes, authored by someone claiming to be Jim Wolf and Robert Fondren. The article was mailed to Kevin Dooley, editor. The postmark was Richmond so immediately all Rusty Bunchers in the Richmond area drew suspicion. However, the Blue Gray Show, with beer flowing freely all day, expanded the field of suspects with wild conspiracy tales and outlandish plots suitable for a Colombo episode. Suspicion first centered on master storyteller, Mike Daniels of Richmond.


It was soon determined that Mike would have to have intentionally dumbed down his creative writing talents to have written the story. Next, the suspicion settled on another one with Richmond connections, Chris Solari. 


Clearly, this is not part of Chris' MO, so he dropped from top of the list quickly. A fascinating turn of suspicion spun toward former publisher, Steve Rhodes. Could he have deliberately included himself in the story to deflect suspicion? Just look at the criminal element embedded in his mug shot. He may not have written the story, but here is suspicious guy.


While we are on the subject of suspicious looking characters, we might as well accuse the most suspicious of all. Look no farther than Andy Galamba. This guy would get fingered every time in a line up just because of his looks. Did he write the Roo Roo story? Probably not but we just have to consider this terrifying mug.


Let's get back on track now and look for some legitimate suspects. Going back to Richmond, we have to consider, long time trouble-maker, Chris Eib. Could this crafty guy have pulled off this stunt? The evidence is weak.


We would put a mug shot of Candog up here but no one wants to see that damn Bavarian hat again. So we move on to another sneaky guy. Look at that smug look and beady eyes. Robert Fondren wrote this piece, signed his name along with Jim Wolf and then sobered up and thought best of having sent the piece to Kevin Dooley and now are trying wiggle out of it.



That is not very likely, but perhaps it was Kevin Dooley, who claims to have been duped into printing this article. Is he using his position as editor to cash in on some long standing jealousy, harbored for years? Is this guy ready to snap?


After this lengthy investigation the suspicion centered on Jim Plant. One who would go to great lengths to cover up his deception. Drive to Richmond to post a letter? Sure, this guy would do it. Implicate the 3 R boys and Wolf and Fondren. Sure, he would. Nothing is beyond this stealthy creature. Plant sits at top of the list right now.


It seems that we have omitted the real culprit. He was suspiciously absent during this inquisition. You have pulled off a classic ruse and have enjoyed all this. But your time is nearing.