Paseo de Montoya

The city of Merida is located about 100 miles west of Cancun in the Yucatan peninsula. A couple of years ago, we began making gloves at a local factory. I have traveled here a few times and found the city to be very pleasant. Maya ruins are located throughout the Yucatan. The city of Merida was actually built on one of the major Maya cities. The stones used to build the Merida cathedral are from the destroyed Mayan pyramids and other buildings. The city common area is across from the cathedral and seems to be the hub of community activity. There are some small hotels in this area. They seem quite nice but due to parking and traffic problems, it is not practical to stay there while on business. We always stay about a mile outside el centro in a modern hotel which serves tour buses mainly. 

Construction on the factory

Scenes from around Merida

Mayan ruins at Dzibilchaltun