Ortlieb Bock

I obtained this can from Tommy Leo in the early 1990's. It is the only one I have ever seen. The can in the black and white section of the class book is probably from the same find as this one. Tommy told me that he received the can from a young kid from New Jersey. This fellow had a few others in similar crushed condition. Possibly, there were 3 others. Details are fuzzy since this trade took place about 1980. Tommy does not remember seeing this young collector again.

Fellow J-Spout collector, Marc Tracy, traced (pun intended) one of the cans to a Pennsylvania collector who has 75% of a can. The can is in a container to hold it upright, as it does not stand on its own accord. This collector knew the guy (now long gone from the hobby) who dumped them and described the find as "several large pieces of this can". He does not know if his is the class book can but I am guessing that it is.

I traded this can in August 2002 to a bock collector in whose collection it now resides..


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