I don't know alot about soda cans. I started collecting them when it became expensive to add beer cans to my collections. Most soda cans could be purchased at that time for $5-10 in on-grade condition. Now they too have gone up in price, so I try to trade for them at beer can shows. 

Soda cans have not been around as long as beer cans. They required a stronger can due to increased pressure of soda. The first major soda can experiment took place in the late 30's. The cans did not hold up well, so can companies were forced to make improvements. World War II came along and limited the supply of metal. So it was after WWII that soda became available again in cans.

Below are some cans from my collection. My favorites are the 6 oz cone tops. Most of the ones in my collection came from one dump near Mt Airy NC.