Since the mid 1980's, I have been accumulating US micro-brewery bottles. I have no way to verify this, but I believe this to be the


It has been alot of fun collecting and trading these bottles for almost 20 years. However, reality has finally set in and I have concluded that I will never be able to display this collection. Further, the space that they are taking now is beginning to infringe on some places that I need for other purposes. So, does anyone want this collection?

I've got 140+ cases (that is about 3400 bottles) of 12 oz bottles and almost 700 22oz bottles and a smattering of odd sized bottles. Everything is in great condition. I cleaned the (empty) bottles before recapping the original crown back on, using a capper. They have been stored inside, away from sunlight or other light. Included are many defunct brands from the early days of micros. There are lots of Christmas brands. I saved each year's Christmas beers and marked the year on the ones that did not have dates. I built the collection through travel and trading. I traded with a fellow collector from LA for over 10 years, receiving over 6 cases a year from the west coast. So the collection is pretty comprehensive. I know of several other collections, but none approaching this one in size.

Before I toss the bottles, I want to appeal to a brewery/brewpub, museum or possibly someone else willing to (partially) display and look after this collection. If you are interested, please contact me.